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Remember we lose an hour overnight before the game!!


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7 minutes ago, Copland bear said:

They made 2 or 3 of these films , I remember the last film the big fight every one wanted and he refused to fight him, then they bumped into each other and started fighting and cunts were flying in on private jets the lot to see the fight. But the best of it was when the wee badly Nazi leader biker tells them he wants Clint Eastwood to win because he bet everything the gang had in him.

These were the start of the video recorder days and good family comedy. 

can we lose this post

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16 minutes ago, badjon said:

You can all buger off I was only trying to be helpful!!! Plus was shitfaced when posting hence the mistake😋 My week finishes on a Thursday every week so my weekend begins Thursday night 


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14 hours ago, Blueteeth said:

Anyone remember that shite movie with Clint Eastwood having a monkey as his best friend? Every which way but loose? Kinda had the feel of a porn movie but without any nudity. Why do these stupid things stay with you your entire life? Will I think of this movie just before I die? 

Probably will now, sums up my life so far

I remember buying the box set on DVD about 15 year ago. There was a sequel. Quality.


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