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***Official Rangers vs Hearts Match thread***

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Big thanks to @psb07158 👍 Sorted me out with 2 seats together which let me take my boy to his first game! Might struggle to get him to bed as he's still talking about it!  Walking out he sai

Absolutely no worries at all mate. Could tell you were as buzzing as the wee man was! The look on his face was great he was trying to take it all in kept looking around Brilliant

It's the site's default algorithm - changes the profile colour to green for anyone suspected of being a celtic fan.  You've been rumbled.

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1 minute ago, ben51 said:




Tav Goldson Worrall Flanagan 

Kamara Davis Jack

Kent Arfield




Must be how we're lining up.

Flanagan. :megaanguish:

I appreciate that he's having to try something different because Defoe doesn't fit into the normal 4-3-3 system. 

We'd maybe be better off going down to 10 and playing with the 4-3-2. 

Looks like a Xmas tree

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Can’t see Defoe getting the service he needs to be up top on his own. 

Defoe and Lafferty together has the potential to work but guess we don’t see what happened if they’ve tried this in training etc. 

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14 minutes ago, The Ibrox Derry said:

On a side note, I just want to say that the way our manager has conducted himself and dealt with the mhedia over the last few days has been nothing short of excellent.

Iam now even more convinced than before that he is the man to take us forward.

He has the class of a true Ranger.

Fair enough comment.   Just one thing to maybe add though.   The ultimate proof of belonging to the class of being a true Ranger is winning trophies.    When that happens he'll have earned that accolade. 

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2 minutes ago, cushynumber said:

thats a depressing line up.

Yup.   I can't decide whether its a high risk throw of the dice gamble on a 'fuck it what have I really got to lose' basis, or just a case of sheer inevitability as that is the only side he can name in the circumstances if he's now convinced himself a Defoe / Lafferty strike combination does not work, is never going to work and not worth bothering with again.

Another thing, seems to me that when he has gone for a different approach its backfired.  The Killie game away from home first game after the winter break being the example I have in mind - an example that started the slump in form.     He may think he has the players that can adapt well to change when he sees it on the training field but so far when they are confronted by the hard reality of an actual opposition it seems to me they are not capable of carrying out training field routines for these types of changes.    I can only hope the outcome tonight proves that to be wrong.   But I ain't sitting here with high expectations that this team and this formation is going to work. 


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26 minutes ago, Prso's headband said:

What’s the genuine point in signing players like Polster if they’re never going to play, especially when the other option is Jon Flanagan ffs. 

It’s an absolute waste of money again and again. 

McCauley, Polster, Flanagan are three off the top of my head that we literally have no need for and are probably costing us close to 30k a week

Needed Flanagan for the euro qualifiers. He’s versatile. That’s why we have him.

Polster is a Tav back up.

McAuley is dug meat, but you need 4 CBs.

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Looking at that team sheet again.   Other than Kent there is no pace in that team as far as I can work out.   And no meaningful trackrecord whatsoever of goals being scored by the midfield players.   How the fuck does Gerrard think he is going to generate goals from that line up?     If we lose a goal there is no way I can see us having anything like enough goalscoring firepower - or physicality - to recover it.    

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2 minutes ago, Jelavic191 said:

Got inside the ground to see Kevin Clancy warming up. Could be a long night if he lets hearts away with some of the fouls he let Considine and McKenna away with the other week. 

Clancy is a joke, but no Alfredo to allow getting kicked everywhere, he might get confused and forget it could be any Rangers player

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