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Morelos breaks European Record

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1 minute ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Sickening how many games he has missed this season, yet Lennon received a three match ban for attacking a referee in 2005.

He didn’t really attack him. Just gave him some verbals.

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At worst Morelos is petulant, however if you'd never seen any of the incidents involving him and just went by what the media and even some of our support have to say you'd be forgiven for thinking he was running about head butting people and flying into waste high tackles every week.

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33 minutes ago, Getstiffed said:

And then Knighted

It actually highlights a point.  We all laughed and lauded him for kicking brown in the nuts, and we are all laughing at Kent and Halliday having digs at brown because they didn't get caught and sent off. ( well Halliday go a red after the game, but it didn't cost us at the time)

So him reacting seems fine if he doesn't get caught, but he is an idiotic liability when he does? ( not a question aimed specifically at you)

I don't see his reaction as any worse than Kents, but I don't see calls for Kents head today, because he wasn't caught.

It's silly to react to opposition players, but also very hard not to react too.


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8 minutes ago, Getstiffed said:

 I watch our players, Morelos especially, get booted fuck out of on a weekly basis and the officials never do anything to prevent it. At that point the inevitable outcome is retaliation.


He wasn't getting booted fuck out of yesterday.

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