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Our Allocation at Rugby Park


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49 minutes ago, McEwan's Lager said:

Club has a responsibility to every fan on the CCCS to take as many tickets as possible.

Every fan on the CCCS has the responsibility to tell clubs to go to fuck when they try and shaft us, then come crawling back.

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This is a pointless arguement, Rangers will accept full allocation next season because if we don't, many in our own support will be unhappy that they're being denied a ticket because Rangers are refusing tickets.

Failing to see the bigger picture.

The board really need to get together with the taigs and put something forward to the other clubs to get agreements in place about allocations. 

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I'm flying a kite here.  If one the one hand:

  • its the case that when we go to Rugby Park there is a near or actual certainty that we take up all of the tickets allocated to us; but
  • when Kilmarnock come to Ibrox its nowhere near the case that they take their full allocation

........then require them to pay up front for the full allocation for each Ibrox game with payment in full by a set deadline date and failure to pay in full on time meaning they forfeit all of their allocation......which we then sell to Rangers support and fill the stadium ourselves.    Either way Rangers gets full revenue for Ibrox games whether or not Kilmarnock take their full allocation.    And if Kilmarnock retaliate in kind its no big deal for the Club to pay up front as it knows it will sell the full allocation to the Rangers Support - so not a financial risk.

There are probably rules that prevent this but it might be a way of hitting clubs in the pocket if they are going to get into this denial of normal full allocation of tickets game. 

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2 hours ago, To Be A Ranger said:

If this 150 years thing is really the reason then they would have informed Rangers at the start of the season. Be interesting to know if they did, or if they really just decided this excuse a few weeks ago.

Me personally wouldn't take one ticket for any ground in this Rangers hating republic.
But come next season,and the scabby manager is on his way,and they are dog shite again,i hope the fans they put their trust in turn up to support them.

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