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2 minutes ago, magic8ball said:

Maybe our blue tinted specs and inherrant anti Irish Catholic hatred has stopped us seeing what a universe class player we have in the country 


Always saw tiny tears as an average player who when he puts a ball in likes to stand and admire it.
Big fenian prick absolutely loves himself,and definitely not the player he or his club thinks he is.
Would get pumped for fun in the PL.

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It’ll be the structure of the deal that they aren’t happy with. celtic know he’s off, they’ve already signed a replacement. The deal will be renegotiated with more paid upfront and then the press up here will say it was an undisclosed price while trying to say that they got more than 25 million for him.

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7 minutes ago, Dave Hedgehog said:

Mad mental Phil writing his shite to rob  Declan O’Wankstain of his giro.

“Send a donation so I can make you feel better”.

Wrong again Phil. 😂😂😂


So he's trying to imply that paying over "the lifetime of the contract" is actually a bad thing?? What a cretin..............................

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