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2 minutes ago, Essandoh said:

Sensationalist headline in the Herald claiming they’ve beaten Man City to some Ecuadorean U20s player.

Article goes on to say he “caught the interest” of Man City (i.e. no actual move for him) and Scotland has more lax work permits laws. So they’ve beaten Man City to fucking nobody. Hoardes will still eat it up.

Dented their ego big time losing out on Aribo.

Read a similar article a couple of weeks back.

Just like with Aribo, had Man City wanted either player, he would be there and sent out on loan.

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1 minute ago, magic8ball said:

Not only Aribo. But we managed to find a Swedish international CB for half the price they paid for their French one who looks to be a level below what we bought. 

This well run cash rich club is making a cunt of itself 

Boss in work just told me Gerry something or other has came out claiming they turned down the chance to sign Helander on the back of advice from Lustig :lol: 

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7 hours ago, Robmc1 said:

Roger Hannah (SSB) yesterday, basically said if exposed to the EPL Tierney would be every bit as good or better as Andy Robertson (seriously). On the very same programme, last year Jim Duffy said he was one of the best in his position ‘in the world’.... Do they have some behind the scene competition on that programme, who can make the most ridiculous statement regarding him or in praise of celtic. Absolutely farcical comments... The lad is a good but surely he must be the most over rated player of his generation if not ever...

I cant see the logic at all. Just because he looks good in this league, and he does, it in no way gives an indication on how he will do in the EPL.  The gap in quality in the opponents he will face is just incredible. In all honesty he will feel like he is playing a different sport. Ive seen him struggle in Europe a good few  times against teams who would be mid to lower table in the English top flight. No one can predict how he will do till actually has to do it. Its like the media here have built him up to be this world class player and its now an accepted fact.

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40 minutes ago, bigsasasfloopyhair said:

He’s from possilpark mate

Im from Bogotá. Because I read about them on this website that mean I get to see how stupid celtic supporters are and also some people on this website also 🙄

But on here is much paranoia

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