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3 minutes ago, GOAT said:

“A lot of supporters already leaving” 

Glorious 😂😂😂

Not even my favourite line in the past 5 minutes. "Johnny Hayes coming on, the dunfermline players will be worried, in extra time you dont want Johnny Hayes running at you."

Folk tend to get uncomfortable when junkie looking cunts run towards them.

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8 minutes ago, Laudrupsleftfoot said:

The way things are looking plenty of teams should take points off these cunts this season if they have a go.

Just get that transfer window closed to fuck. 

Don't worry.  Whoever  they sign will be coached by Lennon.  Bigger worry would be if they sack him. 

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On 16/08/2019 at 13:57, B1872 said:

From a political firebrand fighting the poll tax, to sleazy sex club member, to going to prison to imitating the that odd little Kilmarnock fan on Twitter - now that’s a downward spiral. The next thing will be when a few days of snow happen he will telling you all he could get at the shops was space raiders.

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