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I was in Clydebank shopping centre today, and two wee lads about 7 and 8 with mhank tops waving a "celtic League Champions" flag, randomly abusing folk with "O***** B******* They abused random kids walking in the opposite direction from them, them proceeded to abuse an old woman on the other side, in the 'off-chance' that she was. This was around 2:45pm, so not like they were going to the game. 

I reported it to the security who I recognise as an apparent bluenose. "It's on the grounds of their human rights the same as the rest of us; blame the parents" was the best he could come up with. 

Man, I despair. 

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The mighty Haringey Borough stole Lennon’s masterplan for Thursday yesterday and walked off against Yeovil because the keeper was racially abused. Back to the etch a sketch for Thursday. He’ll be praying the big Israeli right back has got some Jewish ancestry so they can claim anti Semitism instead. 

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15 hours ago, The Monk said:

After Gerrard said we deserved to be top at his presser the other day apparently Lennon got really pissed off and was crying about it to one of the papers 😂

Really? What a spoilt fanny. 

Just edited to say I found what you’re talking about. He disagrees we deserve to be at the top of the league because we’ve had more home games than what they have.

Definitely no right in the heed, I’d be sticking that article  up in the dressing room.

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18 hours ago, Blueteeth said:

Even if a team walked off due to getting a torrent sectarian or racist abuse, would it not just result in the other team getting an automatic 3 points because it's basically like forfeiting if the referee hasn't made the decision to abandon the game?

Not always although with the new 3 strikes rules in place, assuming the Europa League etc is using the same system as the Euros qualifiers, they would be expected to return to continue playing after walking off the 1st time.

It's all nonsense anyway and I'm willing to bet there wont be any mention of racist chanting until they're 2/3 goals down. If they stand a chance of taking anything from the game then they'll be able to play on and ignore it just fine.

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