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"It's basically a case of home, training, home, games."

Just now, Essandoh said:

Sutton isn’t wrong there though, if that lot bring him on for 3 seconds at the end of the game it would still be completely out of order

He should never play a game in Scotland again

This is the team that's twice made it into the CL group stages due to the opposition teams fielding an ineligible player.

If this did have in any way a negative impact against them, it's just karma coming back to bite them.

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1 minute ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

Slaughtered us months ago because we wanted the league nulled and void and quite rightly so, now there's a chance they've fucked ten in a row themselves the absolute fucking spastics. 

I always though their own arrogance would trip them up, as much as anything we did.

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3 minutes ago, British_Empire said:

I can believe he wrote it.

Because, he's already shaping the narrative that the club can't be responsible and that the only punishment should be Bolongoli's playing days at celtic numbered.

Watch this narrative grow arms and legs with the club escaping responsibility/punishment - as usual.

I missed that angle. 

Was it a Public or private plane he used for his trip. Either way It's a lot of people to trace if he test positive. 

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1 minute ago, markem said:

celtic’s role in this is going to be interesting 

When did they find out ?

Who did they notify and  when?

Is the player now isolating ?

If he is that’ll be for 14 days then ?

His team mates will need to isolate ?

If no to any of the previous 3 , why not?

Douglas Park kidnapped him and forced him onto the plane obv. 

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