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3 minutes ago, Sparkle said:

But because he’s saying all the right things their hordes will lap it up :lol:

The plastics from over here will absolutely lap it up mate...also not buying this pish that Brighton knocked back potential b£10 mill bids coz he wanted a loan move to that mob...

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He definitely improves them, however, I think Duffy is one of those defenders who does better in a team that likes to defend and is used to sitting deeper. In this league slow CB's get exploited as both us and them are forced to play high lines and a lot of his defending is going to be against counter attacks.

He's clearly a good player but not anything to really fear imo.

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1 minute ago, Iakona said:

"Can score many goals as ye want aw season, ats wit he will give us.. Scholes."

I also forgot all about Mowbray and his taking it on the chin.

Mowbray the man who banned to first team coach from travelling with the team due to his attitude,

He ended up leaving because of it .

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1 hour ago, 6superbarry6 said:

The taigs could’ve signed McKenna from Aberdeen cheaper to do same job and he’d actually be their player 

The great thing is, this signing papers over the cracks. It's a short term solution. 

If we win the title, their income further reduces and their qualification into the champions league becomes more difficult.

They'll not have the funds to adequately replace him. 

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