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1 hour ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

Member guilt by association? 

Ooh I member. 

Keevins is a barefaced liar

He was banned from the piggery for his last few years with the rebel ,When he retired his ban was lifted .

He was on SSB one night and somebody asked about his ban ,He claimed that he had  been banned but he didn’t know why .Well this is where the the lie comes in .When he received his ban he was on SSB and said h was banned for writing an article critical of the board for not giving TLB the funds to progress further in Europe .

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On 13/09/2020 at 16:47, tm91 said:

They're flat-track bullies. Annoying to see yesterday that Lennon seems to have reverted to the 3-5-2 as it works for them.

Have a feeling this is going to take a 90 plus point season to get the title this year, which means the OF games will matter all the more. Gerrard has progressively gotten the better of them so there's reason to be hopeful.

They're cunts


Cunts to right, cunts to the left, cunts to the right,  cunts to the left, cunts all round

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54 minutes ago, graeme_4 said:

Fucking hate Hugh Keevins. Offers absolutely nothing as a pundit, other than spewing the same old boring rhetoric.

Spew and the blessed StTommy were great friends.....


Both also spent an Inordinate amount of time around paedophiles

Spew Knew 

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1 hour ago, mrmojorisin said:

Spew and the blessed StTommy were great friends.....


Both also spent an Inordinate amount of time around paedophiles

Spew Knew 

Tommy burns didn't just know he was involved I hope he's burning in hell along with stein. 

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9 minutes ago, Robmc1 said:

Scott I’ve said this on a few occasions on this forum and it’s one of the most damning things that optimises, him as an individual, his faith and church and most of all the BARE FACED HYPOCRISY  of anyone in denial associated with that club and religion.
I was disgusted one night on SSB by the way he was fawning about his grandchildren etc and came to the realisation  that there was no way on earth that he (a supposed reporter) could not have been aware of the abuse that had been going on there over the last 4+ decades to other children (that we know about anyway).
I had no idea l, (as above) that he was as close to the club and individuals involved/ implicated in this which makes things much worse. If it was his family that was abused would he become vocal then or  square things up over a seedy meeting with a nod from a cleric. 
I believe him to be religious so I’m not even sure which choice he would take and be happy to live with. Does his weekly (or whatever) confession absolve any guilt or conscience he may have carried? Disgusts me the way he casts it aside and refuses to mention it now, even read a flippant reply made by him re this on one occasion. Despicable individual...

Then they wondered why nobody wanted to employ them.
Search through my posts Rob,and you will see i consistently state "I FUCKIN HATE HYPOCRITES" and he is grade A."
Horrible horrible fenian bastard.

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