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1 minute ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

It still absolutely scunners me that we've gifted these stinking bastards trophy after trophy the last couple of years, if we can't put the foot on their throats now we'd be as well just shutting up shop and turning the lights off. 

Get it done Rangers. 

They'll be wanting Pouch, and end up with Strachan :lol:

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19 minutes ago, Dave Hedgehog said:

A good score considering how shite Aberdeen are.

Can anyone explain why Callum McGregor hasn’t been sent off? 

Booked then gives away a deliberate pen which is a yellow card. Strange from RC Collum.

Can Claire whyte do anything about it? Not that she will...

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1 minute ago, Jimbeamjunior said:

We dont want him banned, he's a fucking liability and lennon will continue to give him game time, he got megged in the lead up to the 3rd sheep goal 😂😂

Good point mate, just the hypocrisy in this country. If he played for us those two tarried commentators would have had a meltdown.

Give Brown a new contract I say. 😂👍

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