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This made me nearly pish myself  😂😂😂  

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Can’t believe I’m actually agreeing with Plopp ,Getting shot of him just now would be a knee jerk reaction .

It has been a bad week ,there has been a sticky start to the season but getting shot of somebody for that isn’t really justified .

What I don’t agree is ,it’s not media driven ,there are a good few taigs want shot of him due to the pressure of Terry Munro but no way is it media driven .the only MSM comments I’ve heard are people backing him because there has been a few voices wanting him out .

Maybe the fact I want him to be at the helm when the ship sinks has made be a tad biased though 😂

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4 hours ago, Tak3rNo1 said:

If Lennon does go it'll be Strachan or O'Neill that comes in. Someone temporary to steady the ship (like what Lennon was supposed to be)

Caught a bit of TalkSPORT yesterday at a point where Leckie was on.

Reckoned there was no way the scum fans would have Strachan back as he wasn’t ‘sellik-minded’ enough for them. 

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1 minute ago, AdzKyle said:

It’s the same most weeks and he will continue to do it for as long as he’s let off with it. 

He really is untouchable as far as the CO goes, the only thing now is he is not very good, but still annoying he is treated differently to other players. Certainly Rangers ones. 

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35 minutes ago, Swally said:

Can’t believe he highlighted the fact Duffy was called “rank rotten”by the media. :lol:

Well if Duffy hadn’t heard it before he’s heard it now thanks to the lemon. Should do his confidence the world of good. 

Reminds me of a few weeks ago when my son was staying over ,he’s 9,he was going upstairs and my Mrs (not his mum) told him not to be looking at those dodgy films adults watch on his tablet ,i was making raging hand actions trying to shut her up mid convo .Her excuse was that he would already know he could view porn on his tablet ,My arguement was ,well if he didn’t he fuckin well did now 😂

Wee man was pishin himself ,said to his step mum that she was exactly the same as him ,both have no filter 😂

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35 minutes ago, HG5 said:

Caught a bit of TalkSPORT yesterday at a point where Leckie was on.

Reckoned there was no way the scum fans would have Strachan back as he wasn’t ‘sellik-minded’ enough for them. 

Remember a lot of them despised Strachan even when they were winning because he wasn't one of them. 

The taig minded names that would take it are either past it like o'neill or never had it like Lambert.  I'd be quite happy to see them go down that route. 

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    • A bit of a reverse in fortunes. This is a before and after lockdown. 88kg vs 100kg. I can't run as my knees are fucked I live quite rural, and my local facilities haven't reopened as yet (both my most local gyms are attached to a school, so have stayed closed - the other reopened but had a waiting list). There are gyms open, but they are further afield, 20-30 minutes away by car. My usual physical sports activities didn't restart either - I play Curling 2-4 times a week in the winter, that hasn't restarted. Sure, I could be doing more than a 1hr daily walk - but I haven't been. I don't have a lot of space in the house to do much. As said I can't do any sort of sustained running or do anything impact as I've chronic knee problems. I could hillwalk, or go running, doing it a few times is fine - but I can't sustain for any period it without my cartilage causing issues.  A bit depressing really. Yeah, could be doing more than my daily walk - but months of boredom didn't help with food consumption - as well as feeling utterly scunnered since about July and having lost the motivation to do anything. I genuinely wonder what the picture in March will look like with the dark nights now here and there being even less to do. However, whilst I could be doing more - it's hard to motivate yourself with groundhog day. But I look at myself and wonder how this is repeated across the country? If even 10% of people who have been working from home, made redundant or on furlough have seen a similar gain to myself - would that national drop in fitness prove worse than the virus itself?
    • Thats not really a good example given how brutal their accounts are and their reliance on massive incomes outwith what they can generate normally All it takes is a couple of purchases that dont work out and your in the hole, 
    • Hopefully just keeping them fit to move on in January 
    • Was wondering about this myself when I saw them on there with no note saying x would be donated to Poppy Scotland... Feel like this is something that should be asked at the AGM.  
    • PM him Doonald and tell him your gonna rip his jaw off
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