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1 hour ago, HG5 said:

That’s right.

Laxalt & Frimpong look like a couple of kids who’ve stumbled into a men’s game by mistake.

I think they’ll both shrivel with the weight of expectation.

Hope so, anyway...

Best thing I’ve read all day :lol:

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2 hours ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Was a Nations league match against Czech Republic who decided to play a B/C side.

However they beat the A side at home in the last match, also beat Slovakia.

Still not convinced by Clarke but as stated its far from a shambles. He would fail at Celtic though imo. 

@gogzy Needs looks at IMO.

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3 hours ago, bluebell82 said:

Agree, it still is far to early to write them off. Things are looking good for us at the minute, but things can quickly change. For me, last season we didn't react well when we had a wobble so we need to see if thats changed - i think will will cause we've got a much better squad. Covid is the obvious other dynamic this season, we're bound to be hit by it at some stage, hopefully it doesn't keep alot of our players out of action.

With their precious 10* on the line, if it starts looking desperate for them could you even rule out one of their deranged, scumbag fans attempting to sabotage us by trying to get Covid into our squad?

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2 hours ago, AdzKyle said:

Been deleted now. What was it this time?!

A bunch of obvious sock account comments of a similar template on the Rangers twitter feed, all posing as fans of other teams and claiming that were looking to support Rangers but found us not to their liking for whatever reason.

Some of their fans behave more like activists than fans as we know it; sad, twisted and obsessed.

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12 hours ago, Jimbeamjunior said:

They seemingly lease a spot in the house of fraser shop for their own tarrier shop, and apparently it costs them 600 grand a year

I think its the block that contains their main retail unit on Argyle St he's bought, and he's now their landlord for that premises and paying him 600K pa. 😂

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38 minutes ago, Prso's headband said:

The Scottish cup is a great distraction for them from the league. If they make the final it’ll all be about 12 domestic trophies in a row whilst we quietly rack up the points. 

Just imagine the scenes if the sheep somehow pull off an upset this weekend lol. 

If they do win let them use that distraction. Just need to get on with our job and beat killie this weekend. 

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1 hour ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

I think in the name of sporting integrity we should be 1st to make the call arguing the need for extending the season.

Just before we announce we can't as we have a tour of China lined up at the end of May 😂

Rangers = Coronavirus 😂😂😂

Tour to include matches against 

Wuhan Rovers 

Wuhan United 

Wuhan City 


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1 hour ago, TamCoopz said:

If they get to the Scottish cup final then that’s another game they’ll have to try fit in and potential for us to pull further away but we probably shouldn’t even be looking that far ahead tbh, deal with killie first and hopefully as you say it’ll be 9 points 

This might not be too hard for them as they are going out of Europe for sure

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