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4th of May 2018

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5 hours ago, Sweettartangirl said:

May the forth be with us next season. 


Can't believe Chewbacca couldn't hang on another few days to shuffle off this mortal coil on the 4th :pipe:.

So far as SG goes only winning is good enough for this club . The annoying thing for me is that the league was so winnable this season with lennon coming in ... but unfortunately only after we had thrown it away with a poor start after the break

Struth And Gerrard.jpg

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15 minutes ago, TopCat said:

One of the most important days in our clubs long , proud history....... we have come a long way since SG first arrived and I still believe he will lead us to 55.

Next season is a big one he has to show that he is a better manager with one year under his belt and of course with timothy going for 9 (all be it a second rate one because of the lack of consistent opposition) the stakes really couldn't be any higher

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8 minutes ago, rangersross said:

I was in New York at the time. Knew we’d done something significant when they interrupted what they were talking about to announce the news on ESPN. Certainly wouldn’t have got that announcing McInnes. ‭

Got to be thankful every day we never announced him.

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1 minute ago, 35 Yard Dangerman said:

One thing we cannot deny is that new and fresh air has been breathed in to the club. 

This time last year we were the equivalent of Average Joe's from Dodgeball. 

We are Globo-gym now.

Average Joe's won in the end tho

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