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What a nice gesture from Rangers FC...:/

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It's sad how much this triggers people.

You’ve totally lost me.  The 12th is the anniversary of a battle. Not a religious festival.  This whole thread is weird. 

Ah ok.  Its all a bit fuckin weird if you ask me. Just don’t see any issue with saying happy Ramadan just like I wouldn’t see any issue with happy Christmas.  The comparison to the 12th July

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1 minute ago, Sweettartangirl said:

Hope that's the case for all communities then....except the taigs. Unfortunately they appear to be included too these days for the sake of bridge building exercises :sarcasm:


You should consider that the Islamic community make up a large part of the surrounding area of Ibrox, and that the beginning of Ramadan is a major religious event for them.


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1 minute ago, ForeverAndEver said:

Not only Christians that celebrate Christmas though eh pal

Just another case of the Christians sitting back and letting the minorities take over. Before long it'll probably be called Momas or something the way the country is going. 😂

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