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1 minute ago, LaudrupsPatrickBoots said:

More of a loose cannon than Morelos. He just seems to avoid the punishment and criticism for it a lot more.

thats becoz he isnt hated so much .


strange considering he was one of 2 hung out to dry after boozegate 

(another thing mongo got away with )

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Quite a few times earlier in the season Gerrard used to make a point about players he trusted without never actually directly naming the players.  By inference there were therefore players who had yet to earn that trust.

Wonder where McGregor sits on the Gerrard scale of trust these days.   2 red cards in once season and a number of other incidents where he has got away with stuff.     

For next season how can Gerrard be sure enough that McGregor can be trusted sufficiently to behave himself and stay on the pitch.     And for next season it'll be interesting to see what influence Gerrard can exert to create a vastly improved disciplinary record at the same time as turning out an aggressively competitive game-winning team on a consistent enough  basis to make a proper challenge for the title.   

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He's been acting the cunt for a while now, it's been mentioned previously. It's as if since his red card for the Ferguson incident has gone mental trying to act the victim of nothing incident. Embarrassing antics, came to a head today.

Great keeper, bampot and now liability of a guy. Gerrard will have him.

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