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Europa League

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17 minutes ago, Klos' Glove said:

Still a couple of weeks before all the qualifiers are decided, but time to start thinking of our route to the group stages again. I fancy us t9 make it again, barring a really unfavourable draw (likes of Man United would be ones to avoid).

We're guaranteed to be seeded 1st round, remains to be seen if we'll be seeded for 2nd, depends on what other teams qualify - We will either be one of the very top ranked unseeded teams, or very bottom ranked seeded teams.

Each round's draw is made before the previous round is complete, so playing a seeded team means we gain their seeding for the following round only (e.g. if we're unseeded in round 2 and play a team that is seeded for round 3, we gain their seeding in round 3 provided we beat the., but that doesn't carry to play off round it only carries 1 round).

Round 1 we should beat anyone, main thing is to avoid a tiring long trip like to Georgia or Armenia. Ideal scenario would be to have an easy first 2 rounds, then round 3 get a team that's seeded for the playoff, so we have 1 tough round then get an unseeded team again.

Very informative post of the day 

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7 minutes ago, Moody Blue said:

I would swap any success in the EL to win the league next season.

Totally agree, however I have no doubt getting to the group stages last year helped generate revenue which SG was allowed to invest in the team. We may not be paying big transfer fees by shrewd scouting but the wages offered need to be high enough to attract good players. I'm going to be greedy and look for a good run in EL and still be champions next May.

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Scotland is down to 26th in the ranking of European leagues, so all 3 teams go into first round. For the coming season we're back up to 20th, so for next season's Europa League we get 1 team into the 2nd round (cup winners, but if they already qualify for CL then that goes to 2nd in the league).

If we get to 17th then we get a team in 3rd round, a team in 2nd round and a team in 1st round, and the champions go to 2nd round of CL instead of 1st round.

We'd need to climb to 15th to get 2 teams in the CL again (and 5 teams total in Europe) - needs a few more seasons of multiple Scottish teams winning a few games in Europe for that to happen, much simpler to just win 55 and get CL ourselves and deprive the taigs of it.

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17 minutes ago, DeanMK said:

I hope we can continue this thread under the understanding that doing well in Europe and winning the league are not mutually exclusive.


12 minutes ago, fanaticCR said:

Couldn’t care less about Europe this year. League is the only priority.

Looks like you're not going to get what you want Dean :lol:


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1 hour ago, fanaticCR said:

Couldn’t care less about Europe this year. League is the only priority.

We still need to make the group stages, the money we made this season meant we actually were in a trading profit for the 1st time in years....more money surely means more funds for better players

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