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Rangers summer football centre


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1 hour ago, rfc_watp said:

Aye there was 2 of them in my sons school yesterday and he couldn't run quick enough over to me at home time to tell me that Rangers had been in the school.

Said he thought Alfredo was gonna walk in any second, bless him :lol:

So did my daughter saw the Rangers crest and got so excited 😃😃

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30 minutes ago, ricksen_da_best said:

They are up in the islands this summer too and where up at the schools a few months ago for a taster session. Class from Rangers a thought going out to the Island schools.

Yeah I saw that it was on the other side of the paper you are right class from Rangers to go to the island school.

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26 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

Theres loads of different training camps out there but my boys have said Rangers camp is the best theyve been on. Booking them again for a summer course.

My daughter went to Hamilton didn't really like it but has shown an interest in the Rangers one  so will try her out.

I'm just glad they're out and about in the schools, think it was a couple of months ago someone started a topic about a generation of scottish kids would rather support barca,real madrid man city etc.. than Rangers.

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1 hour ago, sco22y said:

It is a shame we are not utilising Kilwinning Sports Club again. Last year I'm sure they spent a fortnight there. My son loved seeing Lovenkrands training the kids. 

The medda park seems to be the choice for this,it was pretty popular in April 

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