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Our Best Underwhelming Signing Success?


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With the recent capture of Kamara at £50k, you only have to look at RM archive posts to see that many fans were totally underwhelmed by this signing. This gives me hope that there are bargains out there that may help us shift the momentum in our favour! Another few quality signings like this would be great. As a 40 year old and seen a fair bit of money spent on 'big signings' throughout the years. My question to you is who has been the best Underwhelming success at Rangers who has perhaps made you change your tune about them? 

When I look back, I wasn't too excited by the signing of Alan McLaren. He didn't look like your typical CH but I thought he was superb for us during the few seasons we had him before injury.

No doubt you will have your favourite. 


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7 minutes ago, Rfc52 said:

Rod Wallace needs a mention 


1 minute ago, sco22y said:

I suppose it is quite easy to be underwhelmed by some signings who are free, if you don't know that much about them. Novo, Wallace (Rod) etc. 

It's probably because Bosman's were a new thing. We were spending good money on players at the time. So first thought was he must be shite.

Loved the wee guy.

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4 minutes ago, bluenoz said:

Morelos. Be honest now, had you ever heard of this guy who played in Finland?

Only @denya and probably @johanhentze

Not an underwhelming signing for me , once we found out we were interested his goal scoring record spoke for him.

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