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Ewen Cameron

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4 hours ago, The Dude said:

Who cares what a Hearts fan thinks about the Aberdeen manager? 😂 

You knew what you were doing posting your various articles and so on in  the channel of the forum solely devoted to Rangers chat. Fine we understand you need hits to pay bills and you have decided to do that by making a 'friendly' chit chat or whatever. That's all well and good but why then not expect a backlash? Many have said that is exactly what you expect and fair enough but then do not have petty tit for tat back and forth arguements instead of answering ?. You claim to be a journalist, has the level of qualified journalists sunk as low as this? ( By the way asked friends who work for actual papers if they had any trace of you... )

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7 hours ago, TMB said:

Ewan Cameron has been rattling more cages than Batman in recent weeks.  Not sure what the fuck is going on with him.  

He’s absolutely correct in this instance.  Derek had the chance to manage a big club and he shit himself.  If he hasn’t got the orbs to even accept a job at a big club he’ll never succeed at one.

I thought Gerrard was a huge mistake.  A rookie manager isn’t what I wanted at all.  But, Gerrard has shown himself to be intelligent and progressive with his formations and tactics.  I don’t want people managing Rangers who are interested in yesterday’s football - Lennon and McInnes are yesterday’s men.


1 minute ago, Prso's headband said:

Something weird going on with him, it’s hilarious though.

He's been like this for years, can mind listening to the real radio phone in when I was a wee guy and he loved tearing into the muck. 

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7 hours ago, GA1972 said:

Rijeka and Groningen 😂😂

Imagine they had been the ones who beat Osijek and Maribor they’d have lost their shit😂

You laugh at Rijeka and Groningen then mention Osijek and Maribor as if they are powerhouses. 

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