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    • By The Godfather
      Is the overwhelming feeling going by the various media outlets in this country this morning and last night. We had the usual BBC with the deluded Steven Thompson (The poofy Dundee United player who got a transfer to us when we were skint) saying Malmo were all over us and we were fortunate to come out with a win. I mean I am not an overly positive person when it comes to us in the past few seasons but even I could see we could and should have been at least 2-0 up at HT and were all over them from then onwards.
      Their keeper made several brilliant saves from Couilibaly and Tav especially to keep them in and we fucked up a 2 v 1 not including the 3 we did score, they scored with a fluke shot from nowhere. Other than 1 or 2 breaks they didn’t really trouble us much and done nothing at all of note second half.
      Compare that to the dominant unlucky display the brave Celt*c gave against a 10 men AEK side the previous night and you are left wondering if it could get any more obvious. It’s like whenever we merit praise it’s the lowest kind we get if any yet you look down south and the reports of games like last night at they report what we all see with no bias, agenda or spite.
      The Scottish press are honestly bitter, angry and at the end of the day unprofessional in how they go about their supposed profession. It’s actually embarrassing they feel the need to downplay our successes due to the fact their rancid team made a rip roaring cunt of it.
    • By Quiet Jim
      This season:
      Will a Stokes assault on Tav be ignored?
      Will Jack be sent off twice with no cause?
      Will Jack be banned for a fifty fifty, when the other player shat it?
      Will elbows, kicks and malicious challenges go unpunished?
      Not sure, but at least I know that this year it will be scrutinised.
    • By Rupret
      Hearts are the form side in the country and will take some beating, today, from Michael Stewart the esteemed BBC Sportsound pundit
      Chris Sutton doesn't count.
    • By thedarvelmarvel
      just came across a report on salaries in the bbc page av.per team psg 6.5 million celic 735k gers 329k dons 136k m,well 42k  intresting reading when roghers moans about big wages. worth a look.
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