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Media bias and the order we get listed with sellik


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A positive OF story of some description - sellik and Rangers 

A negative OF story of some description - Rangers and sellik 

And these happen regardless of the involvement or relevance of each of the teams. Bad thing mostly about them we'll get listed first. 

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There is a valid point to the OP's remarks. Look at crime reports ie,a woman gets raped,white/Brit whatever has been arrested,a woman gets raped,a man gets arrested,the 'man' who gets a rested turns out to be an immigrant but it's only discovered later IF he appears in court.

Painting negatives only seen if your eyes are open.

Lead by the BBC,it went on over in NI for years. When a reb was shot it was a Kaflick man has been shot but when a Prod, 'a man has been found shot. Only knew it was a Prob if a Unionist MP came on to condemn the attack.....all in their narrative.


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