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First choice CB pairing?


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Just now, Rangers_no1 said:

When everyone is up to speed Gerrard will play Goldson and Helander.

Which like last year is the incorrect pairing. 

What is it that Gerrard has against Katic though? Was clearly better than Worral but  persisted in playing him ahead of Katic.

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It’s s tough one. Can’t remember seeing a manager take this approach to the centre back positions. Haven’t seen enough of Hellander but for the money we’ve paid out you’d think he’d be there? 4 quality players in that position but do we need a two with proper understanding of each other? I would have thought so. Goldson and Katic but the two two new boys look quality.  Good problem to have but at the same time not too sure about always swapping players about at the back

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For the first time in a long time, we can have any 2 from from 4 & wouldnt complain about the choice.

I would always prefer that we do have 2 regular CHs as it's the one part of the team you want to know each other's game but if we rotate a bit, I won't be as concerned as previous seasons.

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We need To see more of Helander once he is up to speed. I think Goldson is still prone to being caught out and the odd error but he does look sharper, quicker and more focussed than last season. I am impressed hugely by young Edmundson and he is a definite star of the future. Katic is great in attacking set plays but gets lost in his defensive role at times. I think against Progres we will see Goldson and Edmundson. Longer term the jury is still out.

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7 minutes ago, TheMotor said:

Horses for courses for me.

Katic and Helander for the Motherwell/Aberdeen/Killie school of aerial bombardment.

One of them with one of the others for Hivs/beasts types.

Edmundson is 6,4 and he’s physically very big.  Won more areal duels than any player his age across all 4 English league divisions last season.  Plus, we’ve seen he’s quick and loves a tackle.  If you want a CB to win a header he would be the go to guy.  

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