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It's a better move for us tbh. We need to loan players to teams who can hurt the taigs. Like they done to us, with Christie etc going to Aberdeen 

Not WTF mate, it was NEC.👍

This move is basically the exact same as culpable homicide tbh.  

1 minute ago, BigBearButt said:

OK fat petrie is away but why the hell are we even contemplating allowing hibs access to one of our players? 

After the way they conducted themselves over the Scott Allan business surely this can't happen?! 

The appeasers at our club don’t give a fuck mate 

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He gets valuable match experience in our league and ideally can help take points off celtic. It's cliché at this point but their tactics of loaning players to the other teams have helped them keep a divide  for years, because those players play against their rivals but can't play against them (see, Christie at Aberdeen). These interleague loans deals weaken all teams but the owner team really.

Plus from a certain perspective it shows we're getting back to where we should be. A few years ago they were the only rivals we were playing. Now we're loaning them our youth players. 👍

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About time we started using these tactics.  Just a shame we dont have the same squad depth those cunts have to really hurt those cunts.

Although this is a must win season, we can't forget that this "9 in a row" attempt they are trying for is a fake. 

A lot of people seem to have forgotten that...

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