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6 hours ago, McEwan's Lager said:

Aye but this is only going to be on this channel. A bit different when there’s Premier Sports or BT or Sky taking the strain.

Its on Danish television.. RTV owns the rights for this one I think... selling it on to the Danes probably. I get it here in the Faroe Islands 🙂 

I have RTV as well, so.. 

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I wonder if they will be able to handle the capacity.

Ufa was wank 

£9.99 for a European game but £12 for friendlies 

12 hours ago, slimjim1690 said:

Slightly off topic but my subscription for RTV must be due for renewal but I can’t see anywhere on the home page to find out when it’s due, can anyone help?

Here's the best way to do it, mate. Log in to your Rangers TV and at the top you will see your 'My Account tab; click on that tab and it will show you exactly when you made your last subscription, so that will be when it needs renewing by to keep watching.

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1 hour ago, .Williamson. said:

@MisterC apparently you can cast it to your chromecast if you use the chrome browser

Just incase you fancied risking it. I still don't 

Ive tried that before.. I have an old chromecast but it didnt work all that well for me. Quakity was poor. I have also tried various apps (TV Cast?) and it was working fine until it just crashed everytime I started the stream.. weird. 

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It'll be interesting to use it without going through a VPN first and see how much it buffers on the PC.  I wouldn't bother with putting it through the TV as the vid quality isn't great - even on so-called HD.

I am a wee bit miffed about the price hike to £9.99 per game  this season. Last season was £5.99 according to my account.

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