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54, A stroll in the park.

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The Cateran Yomp 2020


After my last post dated June 2019, "54 is plenty enough" a couple of you said you may be interested in doing this next year, June 6/7th 2020. Seems like an eternity  away but trust me it fly's in.

The start of this event is Blairgowrie and I've enclosed PDF copies of the event information from 2019. It shouldn't change. This has everything you need to know or do prior to the event and more. Additionally I'll put up the signing up page for those wanting to do it. My group, though I'm the only one on it so far is "Where Eagles Dare" named after our Battery "Eagles".  Feel free to make your own group or tag along or join us on the start-line. Rangers Media Yomp Team would get a few tongues wagging though. 😎


Most, 90%, of my training is done in The Peak District, nothing spectacular, just getting out and about. Probably no more than 10-15 miles at most and enjoying the scenery. Come April/May I throw in a 25/30 miler, Y3P, at least two or weeks before the event so as to let my feet heal. I run 3-5 miles when not doing any hills a couple of times a week in the final few months.

Anyone having any doubts or anxious about doing this event, my daughter does it with very little training, suffers like shit afterwards but still completes it.


  • Everything
  • 10th Anniversay of the event
  • Raising for a great cause
  • Legends on RM


  • £60/80 joining fee (Vets/Civvies)
  • £400 min sponsor collection
  • Weather
  • Feet like a Medieval Peasant
  • Having to travel 8hrs home
  • 54 miles is actually 57/58 (GPS) miles as they don't take elevation into account



"FFS Dad get a grip............"








FFS get a grip Dad..jpg

12WeeksToGoCompact.pdf LR_Map_Pack_2017(1).pdf Yomp19_participants_Final.pdf

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On 15/08/2019 at 14:19, Darth Bear said:

Sorry mate missed this. First off well done on completing again.

Maybe this would have been better off in the OT :dunno:

Would love to take part will know in the new year better when I will be back in the UK so will have to wait till then to commit :tu:

No worries, most people don't sign up till the following year anyhow, unless you're like me, finished on the Sunday and signed back-up by the Monday. :headwall: Got an early bird and saved myself a Tenner. They actually allow you to carry the fee over for the following year, incase your get injured or work commitents, which one of our group did this year from 2017.

Yes, was unsure of which forum to place this in, was hoping Admin would put this in what they though best. Doubt I could get away with it twice in the BD 😏

Anyhow got to pack, up Scarfell Pike/Lake District with my daughter this Bank Holiday weekend, haven't done it since I was 16/17 yrs old.


Thanks again

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