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Can long suffering fans claim as well ! Cash customers!


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Former Rangers chief Charles Green claims ‘malicious’ cops ruined his life amid £20m compo bid


Rebecca Gray

8 Aug 2019, 23:16

Updated: 8 Aug 2019, 23:17

FORMER Rangers chief executive Charles Green claims “malicious” cops ruined his life and put his safety at risk.

The tycoon’s £20million compo bid against the force alleges officers tried to fit him up during the Ibrox club’s long-running financial saga.


Charles Green claims 'malicious' cops put his life at riskCredit: John Gunion - The Sun Glasgow

Green, 66, was arrested over claims of a fraudulent takeover, but the case was axed. An insider branded his list of allegations “dynamite”.

The ex-Gers chief claims unfair treatment by cops devastated his loved ones and caused him to split from his partner, a bombshell legal letter reveals.

The former Rangers supremo’s lawyers said his right to a private life was “interfered” with by his alleged wrongful arrest in 2015 — causing distress to his family including his cop brother.

Ex-Rangers chief Charles Green sues cops and prosecutors for £20million over ‘wrongful arrest’

And as part of his £20million damages claim against Police Scotland and the Crown Office they also claim investigators failed to take “threats” to his life seriously, buried evidence, leaned on witnesses and breached his human rights.

We can reveal an explosive legal letter sent to prosecutors states: “Mr Green’s right to private life was interfered with by his arrest and detention which was plainly both unlawful and unnecessary.

“In particular, the interference with Mr Green’s private life has caused an enormous amount of distress and anxiety to Mr Green and his family.

“His personal relationships have suffered greatly.


Green's personal relationships were said to have suffered 'greatly'

“This includes his long-term relationship with his partner which broke down as a result of this matter and the negative effect it has had on Mr Green’s brother, an ex-senior police officer in South Yorkshire Police.

“Despite many years in the police force dealing with matters such as the Hillsborough disaster, he has found the matters relating to the treatment of his brother very difficult to bear.”

The compensation claim relates to Police Scotland and the Crown’s failed bid to prosecute a string of suspects for fraud over controversial dealings at Ibrox between 2011 and 2013.

Mr Green, 66, was arrested in 2015 over his £5.5million buyout of Rangers from administrators after the club went bust under previous owner Craig Whyte in 2011.


The ex-Ibrox supremo was arrested in 2015 over his £5.5million buyout of Rangers from administratorsCredit: Rangers FC

He was told by the Crown there was “now no evidence of a crime” against him in February 2018 — nearly nine months after Mr Whyte was cleared of fraud.

Four other executives linked to the financial saga were told in June 2016 they would face no proceedings.

Three of them — former administrators David Whitehouse, Paul Clark and David Grier — are also suing cops and the Crown alleging human rights breaches over their arrests.

Mr Green’s lawyers also claimed his human rights were breached when he was held in custody at Livingston police station for “24-30 hours” in September 2015.

The letter said: “It appears clear Mr Green was only arrested and charged with conspiracy in order to allow Police Scotland and the Crown Office a further year to pursue flawed charges against Messrs Whitehouse, Clark, Grier and Whyte.

Rangers had gone bust under previous owner Craig WhyteCredit: PA:Press Association

“Police Scotland and the Crown had no power to act as they did and acted beyond their competence in unlawfully arresting Mr Green.

“Such conduct was a disproportionate interference with Mr Green’s liberty and accordingly was unlawful.”

The letter goes on: “Police Scotland and the Crown’s conduct was plainly influenced by an ulterior motive and the absence of reasonable grounds for suspicion demonstrates recklessness on the part of Crown amounting to malice.

“In addition, it is clear that Police Scotland had already decided to arrest Mr Green prior to interviewing him.

“For example, while Mr Green was waiting to be interviewed at Livingston police station, he was informed by a police officer that he shouldn’t bother with tying his shoelaces as he was about to be charged and his shoelaces would be removed.”

Lawyers also claim a police protection officer informed Mr Green of threats against his life before he appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

But they said after the hearing the Yorkshireman was “forced” by cops to leave by the front door — to walk through “crowds of media and general public”.

The legal team wrote: “It was plainly a publicity stunt by Police Scotland to attract further attention to Mr Green’s arrest.

“Mr Green had also been informed that four uniformed officers would accompany him from the building to a vehicle, which was reassuring given the level of threat.

"However, the officers were stood down and Mr Green was forced to wade through the crowd with two police officers only to accompany him. There was no regard for Mr Green’s safety and it was a frightening experience for him.”

The compensation bid also alleges the ex-Gers chief was left millions out of pocket after being “forced to decline numerous significant and high earning board appointments” as a result of the scandal and his arrest.


An insider has claimed Green is now living and working in Dubai

And the letter claims the force “placed significant pressure on witnesses” to comply with “demands and suggestions”. The document also claims cops “consistently failed to reveal evidence in respect of the alleged offence, despite repeated requests”.

A source close to the case said Mr Green’s legal team was waiting to learn the outcome of Mr Whitehouse’s separate claim for £9million over his ditched prosecution.

Judges are expected to decide on whether top prosecutor Lord Advocate James Wolffe can be sued at the court date next month.

The Crown Office has previously argued that he should be immune.


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17 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

How long have the media cunts been sitting on this? 😂😂😂

What the fuck is it ? Deflection  ? Or is there basically fuck all else to talk about in this wee shithole except The Rangers?

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1 hour ago, Sparkle said:

Hollicom know

@Sparkle See this is the thing, its 2:30 in the morning I am absolutely fucked and hoping  spell check  makes my point but even in this state I know that there is a case to be answered and investigated regardless of any PR bullshit, as you know my week finishes Thursday so apologies if that makes no sense!

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Hardly a negative to bury a Rangers win, looks more of a the state have fucked up story, though who was pulling the strings at the time and are they still active is what all fans should be asking. Is it the same people that Mr King is constructing bridges with? 

Something stinks, yet every case our esteemed law professionals bring explodes in their faces. I wonder why, surely fan sites know all the facts. 

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8 minutes ago, surfsup2 said:

So we have a good result in Europe and the papers print this 🤦‍♀️

A bit like our last win when they talk about fan trouble or that last time we beat celtic and it was all about the lisbon lions not seeing 10 in a row song. A definite pattern unfolding.

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7 hours ago, badjon said:

@Sparkle See this is the thing, its 2:30 in the morning I am absolutely fucked and hoping  spell check  makes my point but even in this state I know that there is a case to be answered and investigated regardless of any PR bullshit, as you know my week finishes Thursday so apologies if that makes no sense!

Perfect sense 👍


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