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Clinical Cruelty - Our Strikers

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1 minute ago, Marky. said:

Imagine being in a position where you’re 2-1 down, you’ve got a goal out of nowhere and a man sent off. You do everything you can to hold on until the third goes in and it’s Defoe again...

Finally he gets subbed off and you’d think you’d have a rest until the fucking Buffalo himself replaces him - that is cruelty but you can’t help but love it.

Defoe will always score goals for us, and Morelos is playing with a smile on his face, and in that mood, like today and Thursday, he is unplayable. Two exceptional players.

We are so lucky to have both.

Theres a Bawhair between them for what they bring to the team.

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All good, but I actually think we need one more to keep the pressure on, and cover for suspension and injury.

3, (and I coud justify 4 in a 22 man squad) good strikers will really keep the standard high, hopefully one of our younger strikers can rise to the challenge., either Hastie, or  Dodoo  someone else

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25 minutes ago, Vanoli said:

Can’t remember the last time we’ve had two strikers of their calibre at the same time.  

Were John Daly and Kevin Kyle at the club at the same time? 

Joking aside, you may have to go back to the Hateley, McCoist, Johnston years for a time when we had more than one top striker.

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1 hour ago, dave7867 said:

not clinical enough defoe should had 5 at least


I know you are at the windup but I agree he should have had more by his own standards. However I think you will agree to create these chances he worked bloody hard, and won,  against much bigger opposition. He is total class.

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