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Another Bear gone too soon.

Bears r us

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2 minutes ago, BILLYBOY50 said:

Sorry for your loss mate I know how you are feeling having not long lost my older sister after a short and unexpected illness. Condolences to yourself and all your family. 

Condolences to you and yours as well mate. 

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10 minutes ago, Bears r us said:

My brother in law Andrew,  who was a good Rangers man and only 56 years old, and had been battling a rare brain condition and dementia for the last few years passed away this afternoon. His kidneys failed last weekend and we were told this last Monday that he would only last a couple of days. When he was still with us this morning my wife insisted I should go to the game, which I did with a rather heavy heart. 

I noticed a voice message at half time form my wife saying Andrew had passed away at about 3pm, I stayed a wee while but knew I had to get back home and to be honest it is the first game I have been to that somehow I did not feel right about being there. A very strange game for me, but all being well I will be back on Thursday night knowing Andrew is no longer suffering.

Andrew had been in a Care Home since August 2017 because he needed 24 hr care, unfortunately he never really accepted his condition and that made caring for him much more difficult, we visited twice a week and took him out when the weather was OK in his wheelchair, but the last few weeks it seemed he was getting worse and while losing a close family member is very sad and especially at his age, but we know his suffering is over and that we did everything we could for him, and that is indeed a comfort at this time. 

The last time we saw Andrew reasonably happy with his life was when the Care Home arranged a visit to Ibrox in May 2018 on one of the tours, we were concerned he might not cope with it and we both went along just in case we had to take him back, but he seemed to love it and that is one of the memories we will keep in our minds over the next few weeks and months. 

Rest easy Andrew, your team did you proud today. 

So sorry to hear that Bears R Us.  56 is no age at all, sometimes life is very unfair, but you have the comfort of knowing he isn’t in pain or distressed any more.

Rest easy Andrew.

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