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We're going to win the league

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Cluj are better than the Danes from four matches I've seen. However lets not fucking jinx anything... 

Calm doon ffs 😂

Not on your own then   Obviously

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Same stupid threads getting posted similar to this time last year.   2 games into a league campaign - ffs, get a grip.  The problem is nobody in this shitey league has the bottle to take them on with the only exception being us.   We need to do the business week in week out.  Post this thread when we are out of site and not in any danger of fucking things up.   We are desperate to get 55 but feet firmly on the ground please.

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‘Cautiously  optimistic, but don’t let’s get ahead of ourselves Loyal’.

It’s always great to have a laugh at their misfortune, (& yes, I’m as guilty as anyone) but it often seems like it’s a short term laugh, before something bad happens to us.

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10 hours ago, Malkytfp1 said:

Don't get why so many people are against us celebrating/laughing at them on bears den. I am fucking delighted any chance i get at them being laughed at and beaten.  I want to see them implode. We have been kicked for the last decade nearly by these rotten scummy tramps and i will enjoy every single bit of misery they endure until we collect number 55.


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Without doubt, it’s fucking magnificent to see those bastards put out of the CL and then watch the ensuing meltdown.

BUT, I hate seeing public proclamations of what we’re going to do (like Ojo’s recent ‘we’re the best team’ statement, when he’s been here all of 5mins).

 I think their result will serve as a warning to us to keep the foot on the throat of the Danes.

However, if we were to get pumped out of  Europe altogether by Legia or the Greek mob, who’s laughing then?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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Don't like this getting carried away capers in Very early days in a long, long season. Having said that, they are there to be got at for sure. To concede 4 at home against a fairly average team like that bodes well for sure. And if their manager is going to fuck about playing the tactical genius by putting their best centre mid at left back then its better still. If we could only get a good left back of our own in I would be very confident . 

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A bit presumptuous from the OP. It's not the best team that wins the league (or we'd have won it on goal difference last year) but the most consistent. It'll be winning matches like the one at kilmarnock that decides not the victories like those against hibs and mitylland. There's reason to be optimistic, but there is such a l8ng way to go. I assume they are now in the Europa league which is our level currently 

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It’s mad how our mindset has changed from a few years ago...

We used to absolutely believe that every year it was our god given right to win the league.

Now someone posts that we’re winning the league, and folk are wanting the thread deleted. 

We absolutely can win this league. Them not getting CL money again is huge. I think we’re a little short in the behind the striker roles, and still hoping for Kent, but one quality addition in that role (and maybe a LB) and we will be champs IMO.

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