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We Are Now Well Able To Compete With Physical Teams.

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7 minutes ago, 6superbarry6 said:

Unfortunately there’s a difference between a fair physical game and the unpunished attacks on our players week in week out in this shitehole.

Morelos looks a wee bit tougher mentally already, and a few of our current team look well fit to deal with it. 

We'll be finding out in the next few SPL games (especially against the tims) if the refs are going to back off.  Hope so, as there's a big opportnity for us and the other SPL team to get stuck in to Broon and the dodgy cellic defence for the next few weeks. 

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When I think 'upper body strength' i go back to players such as Albertz - Gazza - Amo.  Now we seem to have a team who almost all have that upper body physique AND who never seem to run out of steam.  Lots of credit must go to the fitness guys working behind the scenes as I don't remember seeing such a well physically rounded Rangers squad. 

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25 minutes ago, dummiesoot said:

Still think the refs let them get away with 'after the ball is away' shit. We Did cope with it well though

Embra junkies being an example,with cunts swiping at Tavernier after he was past them late in the match,but just carried on,leaving the cunts swiping at fresh air.
A real maturity about the whole squad,and show them we are mugs no longer.

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34 minutes ago, rabc10000 said:

Yes it was an outstanding tackle but I must admit for a split second I was expecting the whistle to go. Reminded me in his red card vs hearts which I also thought was harsh 


You mean when he slide tackled the goalie’s head? Yes, very comparable. 

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4 hours ago, tannerall said:

Think the two games against Midtjylland have proven we can now stand up for ourselves. The Dane's were a well organised team who weren't afraid to rough it up, but we pushed back and our better pace (and fitness ?) got us the reward.

Alfredo up front set the standard, his strength and ability to turn a player at the same time gives him so much space when he wins the ball. Arfield and Jack showed they were willing to mix it. That chase and the tackles Arfield put in after almost falling over to set up OJo for the Morelos goal was tremendous.

And Ojo (like Aribo) just seems to brush off the tackles keeping the ball at his feet.  Katic and Goldson look a pretty tough pairing at the back, and Flanagan (apart from one moment of poor judgement) was consistently solidin putting in hard tackles.. 

With McGregor definately taking no prisoners it looks like we have a team with lots of heart and bottle which will put the hammer throwers in Scottish football to the sword this season.



Add to that we seem to also be in control of our reactions when fouled ( especially Morelos ) then bring it on ! 

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The OP is correct about the improved physicality in the squad.

Two points worry me though, which are the domestic referees and their inconsistencies and McGregor's occasional tantrum. He needs to screw the nut a bit and realise that we've become such a good footballing side that keeping the heat down a bit works in our favour. 

Exception being the beasts where I want to see him go full Chris Woods and lift the thumb off the ground by his skinny wee chicken neck. 

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