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The Most Unlikely "Out Of Position" Roles You've Seen Gers Players In.

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10 hours ago, Drumloyal said:

I'm sure I remember Nisbet playing RB one time during a game.  Might be my memory playing a wee game of fuck you with me tbh. 


Was it not in one of the 92-93 group stage games? Because of 3 foreigner rule and an injury or something? I remember it did happen though, you're right about that.

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Grezda  in the car wash.

John McLelland as a striker against Inter Milan in 1984. 

Ross McCrorie in goals.

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14 hours ago, tannerall said:

Seen big Derek Johnstone impress as high as the national stage at Centre Back instead of Centre Forward, and the likes of Graham Roberts having to cover for a  goalkeeper who was sent off, but most unlikely out of position player I think I've seen was Bilel Mohsni at Centre Forward. 

Any other strange "out of position" Gers players you've seen ?

David James upfront for Man City 😂😂

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13 hours ago, siddiqi_drinker said:

One for the historians or REALLY old  punters.

George Niven suffered a bad ear injury early doors in a Cup Final vs Aberdeen ---- GEORGE YOUNG played in goals till half-time when a patched up Niven resumed in goals

He certainly did, mate! I'm sure that was in the 1953  Scottish cup final where we drew 1-1 after Niven collided with their inside forward and had to be helped off the park with concussion and big Corky did a sterling job in goals.

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13 hours ago, Redwhiteandblue said:

Was this before subs?

The only subs you had back then, mate, were big long fucking tuna cans used by the Navy. I remember that game for two reasons; (1) How the fuck did big Corky Young get that goalies jumper over his shirt? andf (2) How did Fred Martin the Aberdeen 'keeper who was wearing a white flat-cap play 90 minutes without getting a mark on his bunnet?

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5 hours ago, Jamie0202 said:

Barton playing as a sole centre-half at the end of an OF game. 

Hemdani being shoehorned in to centre-half under Paul le Guen when we had a natural defender in Julien Rodriguez sitting on the bench. Hemdani and Svensson at centre-half. They were the days. 

Hemdani was originally a centre half/sweeper. 

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3 hours ago, Ozblue said:

If you ever want the most unlikely  (and  dumbest) out of position selection then look no further than Roger Hynd who played as a striker in the 1967 European Cup Winners Cup final against Bayern Munich. Roger Hynd was a centre-half, but he was played up front in that final because a young lad by the name of Jim Forrest who was arguably the deadliest striker in Britain at the time was sacked along with George McLean and sold within weeks of our  shameful loss in the Scottish Cup by Berwick Rangers. That mental decision caused us dearly in winning our first piece of European silverware.

wit 8 /10 smith,s

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