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Punishment From Fenians

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To be quite honest, we fucking knew they were there, we knew they were gunning for us and we handed them the ammunition. If it's true & you want to blame anyone, look in the fucking mirror.

And yet some still don't get how we're being targeted and fucked over by our many haters.

So why not punish us against the Danes instead of waiting until now? Is it because that tie was already won and this one is in the balance? This gained momentum way too fast. It's suspicious as fuck.

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2 minutes ago, Bears r us said:

I think this is a really good point, the fans should be told in a statement on the Rangers website exactly what is the words not to use, they can use as many 'asterisks' as they need, as long as we can understand what the words are.

I know many will say but we all already know, well I am sorry but if the board are not willing to fight this in anyway then they have a duty to tell us what it is that we cannot sing.  

If the club give a specific list people will blame them if they get pulled on something else. 

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47 minutes ago, Tiger Shaw said:

Another fucking thing surely this never just came out the blue, the club must have known about this before today but still yesterday sold me another two tickets for BF1

no chance did they not know yesterday this could happen ffs 


That would be hellish mate if they knew about the 3,000 and still sold tickets. I assume at worst any of us who get told our section is being closed will get a refund. 

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6 minutes ago, TEFTONG said:

They probably get the full VIP treatment there. But they develop blindness and deafness and report nothing.

If they are not there then it is bias based on the previous fines they've received and if they are there it is bias x 100 based on their deaf ears. Either way there is a clear agenda that goes beyond singing TBB.

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12 minutes ago, The Dude said:

They did indeed. Just like theyd have celtic bang to rights if you chained yourself to the posts during one of their games wearing a michael stone tshirt.

When has a Rangers supporter ever done that? refresh my memory.


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1 minute ago, theblueskyeman said:

Has Lawwell not just landed a top job with uefa? Apologies if already been stated

He has been there for years, his latest role is a committee to reduce qualification so I doubt that hiring is related to this. His other role may however.

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The one thing that strikes me is the paedo scum are behind this , why hasn’t the scum been threatened with closure there Iraoke has been in overdrive , there fans on the park attacking players, there fans throwing missiles and I could go on. Liewell becomes integral job with Uefa, FARE have been attending all our games. It’s time the board grew a pair and our support start to realise these songs can’t be sung. 

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6 minutes ago, Bears r us said:

UEFA must know what words/songs are banned so I personally want to know what they are, and the Club should pass that on IMO.

Big time, otherwise the whole deal will just be another stitch up down the line at the behest of some anonymus hater and the Club are aiding and abetting them in it.

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21 minutes ago, mitre_mouldmaster said:


Because looking at the definitions in the Oxford dictionary, you are either calling them a person from the 18th century or you are calling them a sectarian term.

Are you expecting us to believe you talk to time travellers?

You actually believe there has been no Fenians since the 18th century 😂

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