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Thursday night "stand up"..

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Good luck. For both Thursday night and this thread.

Never heard of the SOUTH west enclosure in my life.  Since when did we change from just East and West as it always was? 🤔

It’s the new all inclusive enclosure so no part of the compass feels left out. 

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3 hours ago, krissg910 said:

At the 12 minute of the game on Thursday (legia). I will be starting a chant of "stand up for the union bears".

I am not affiliated with the boys at all and personally know none of them.. however I will show them my support on Thursday night and would ask everyone who has there back to join in...

I will be in the south west enclosure. 

No surrender..

Why not donate your ticket to them instead? 

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3 hours ago, East Enclosure Row N said:

Here's the way I see things.......

Union bears are well aware that UEFA find the  phrase "fenian bastard" and similar unacceptable when used in songs and/or chants by our fans.

Union Bears know that UEFA will impose sanctions upon Rangers for any infringement of the above.

Union bears think they are Billy Big Baws , ignore the above and continue to lead off songs / chants that contain the aforementioned phrase.

UEFA punishes Rangers. Rangers punishes Union Bears because they canny take a telling.

Union Bears put out a statement that looks as if it has been composed by a ten year old child. It has not been proof read by anyone older than eleven, and is littered with grammatical errors.

Union Bears think the world owes them a living  and we should all support them as they have been hard done by.




I support Rangers. I live and breathe Rangers. I am not special, I am one of many. I love a sing song as much as anyone on either side of me.

Do I sing "fuck the pope" or "fenian bastard"? No, I don't. Some others do, many others don't. For anyone who says "everyone does it" - that is simply not true. Did I do it in my younger days? Yes, but times have changed now.  Many phrases are no longer acceptable and we must change with the times. As a kid in the West of Scotland, I and many others used a whole vocabulary of words that are no longer acceptable. Example - we used to see mini buses for a local special needs school with "Scottish Council for Spastics" on the side.  Looking back, it's a pretty horrible word. Our local shop was referred to universally (even by a school teacher of mine) as the "Paki shop". That word too is thankfully in decline. It's a shop and it doesn't matter where the owner's father came from.

Walter Smith openly admits that he as a kid at Ibrox sang songs that he is ashamed of now and used words that he hopes his grandchildren would never hear. I agree with him 100%.

It's not all doom and gloom. How about using this as a positive?

When Souness arrived, he signed our first big name catholic in Maurice Johnston. Bampots burned their scarves at the front door of Ibrox. Now we look back and thinks what eejits they were. Many of our players now cross themselves entering or leaving the pitch. I don't even notice any more and it bothers me not one iota. If they were the blue jersey of Rangers, they are one of us. That is the legacy that Souness left us.

The biggest name in football at Ibrox since Graeme Souness is now or manager. Why not let this be his legacy?

It’s still the pakis I go to and I still go for a chinky so you and your pc shite can fuck right off. You don’t like the ub fair enough but  some of your derogatory comments are a fucking joke. I take it I can still refer to you as a nauseating prick or is that not pc nowadays?

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