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Sleeping at the wheel


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55 minutes ago, markem said:

First up this is going to be a bit of a rant, apologies in advance I probably wouldn’t read it at that length however if even for cathartic reasons I’m going to get it off my chest.

Sleeping at the wheel: Failing to attend ones responsibilities or duties.

Prior to considering the current situation at the club I think it’s important to put a little context around years just past we would all rather forget.  To keep it short, most accept that only 7 years ago the wheels were put in motion kicking off a prolonged effort to kill off our club, a motion that ultimately failed but wounded the club to the point that we are still recovering.   Rather forgotten but it would be very dangerous to do so. Why? The people that took that run at us haven’t went away and neither have their objectives.  

Let’s be clear about this celtic Football Club and their supporters look to achieve glory not only via their own sporting achievements on the park however by also proactively trying to keep us down and on the back foot. Paranoid? Remember we were told we were Paranoid when suggesting Lawwell was a driving force behind our troubles a few years back? Well we have all seen the letters now haven’t we? Ah but what’s FARE got to do with celtic? Hmm well transpires the Executive director of FARE is none other than a celtic Park regular, a fan.  How many times (Daily?) do we see the media narrative change within hours? celtic have paid compensation for child abuse yet within 2 hours Scottish football is discussing a bid for Alfredo from China Rangers didn’t claim happened or a regurgitation of some negative Rangers headline ? Spiers, English, Radio Clyde, the list goes on and on, in short their finger prints are there every single time trouble comes our way - Does anyone think that the likes of Dornans and Humza (CFC political pals) aren’t doing overtime to find a way that they can manifest FARE agenda and now achievements into our domestic game? They will be and if our board don’t wake up they will succeed, it’s a matter of time.  A process will be put in place for all and unevenly applied to 1.  I honestly won’t be shocked if point deductions are on the table domestically before long.

One point we need to accept - we have to knock the songs on the head, it’s a small sacrifice, if you so choose sing till your heart is content anywhere else you like but if we don’t give it up for that couple of hours at the game this fight will be a short one and we will lose, we are already significantly losing.  Whether it’s right or fair is another fight that’s already lost or rather didn’t take place.  

As we approach this weeks game with them we are the bookies favourites, there are other elements to be noted, Aribo for one, make no mistake they wanted him, we got him, a player that would already be labelled as worth  6 million plus (pick any number you fancy) had he went there.  Can they see the Rangers coming?  You can bet their board can and guys like Lawwell will do the maths on Joe, i’ll guarantee it and he will know they will continue to lose those battles whilst it SG V Popcorn   

As a club we are in our strongest position for years, easily our best squad and manager, we are genuine contenders,  meanwhile they have regressed and are having to face arguably the biggest scandal to ever occur in sport yet all the negative headlines are ours, we have a seat reduction imposed and have no doubts they are only getting warmed up.  Words like racism now common place being flung around on a weekly basis (anyone recall when they first heard sectarianism is actually racism?). How long before people we want at the club are thinking, I don’t need this, a Manager asked what school he went to ffs  

Here is the crux of the matter, our board may not have the appetite for a political/PR dog fight but my word they are in one they are losing (being tanked).  I seriously hope they don’t underestimate and are switched on to the fact that it’s many of the same players with the same appetite to destroy us that are circling around us.  Consider the FARE situation, celtic have been fined approx 15 times by UEFA in recent years and for one reason or another we’ve had little bother. Yet there FARE are at everyone of our games, the organisation headed up by a celtic fan. We should have directly asked FARE and UEFA way before now why that is and is there a conflict of interest? Leak that story.  Would it have made a difference? Well, who knows but it would let it be known we see it and we are going to challenge it publicly.  Let them know we will question their integrity with facts, make them think twice. 

Play them at their own game in the media.  I was about to write a defensive strategy is no good as a punch will always eventually get through, but you know what? We don’t even have that, our board and PR have to be aggressive and proactive, if we don’t I genuinely fear for where things are heading.  It could not be more obvious that we are on the up, they are and will contnue to respond. Is it beyond our board to appoint a more effective PR team, how long has it been ffs? - A PR team who can form relationships and influence? - how many years now has their PR team owned Scotland’s media? If needs be work more effectively with our own bloggers and podders and I don’t mean to echo everything the club want to say, I mean to have genuine control, impact and influence. 

The club are bluntly challenging the support now and rightly so however they need to be asking themselves a few questions.  I do understand they are in several fights and at times you need to pick your battles  however the consequences of not putting up any PR fight have and continue to be significant.  It is the boards responsibility.  

Paranoid? Me? - perhaps but last time it felt like open season on us I wondered if I  was being paranoid about where things were headed........did not end well. 


This X 10.

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Excellent post. I hope the fans do take up the point about naughty songs and cut out anything offensive. I agree that all we ask for is a level playing field and even handedness as it is axiomatic that we are being singled out for disproportionate punishment.  I know many will want to continue to shout "loud and proud" and fuck U.E.FA. and FARE. And sing whatever they like in a show of defiance and I do understand the feeling of frustration but we must heed the warnings before it's too late or the consequences will be easily predictable.  I agree our P.R. side needs to take a good hard look at themselves but in the short term for the greater good we must give our many enemies no more ammunition in the next 2 fixtures. 




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We should make a formal complaint to the authorities each time we hear an IRA song or chant by them on TV/Radio. By we I mean the board or Club1872 as the fans' representative body. If a formal complaint in writing is ignored, then we have proof of discrimination and can no longer by accused of paranoia. Alas, I won't hold my breath as this would endanger the bridge building.

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Exactly OP.....


songs are one thing but we cannot take our eye of the main area and that is a fight


alas the current management (non-football)  appear to be of the same mindset that Bain and Paul Murray were of, all those years ago and that mindset s not fighting for the fans, as they misguidedly see it …… but really boiling down to not defending the club



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Great post OP. 

Unfortunately we won’t fight and when the next thing gets picked on that will go as well and the next and the next until we have nothing left. Nothing is going to change we are under the boot of the Fenian and we are staying there. 

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2 minutes ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Great post OP. 

Unfortunately we won’t fight and when the next thing gets picked on that will go as well and the next and the next until we have nothing left. Nothing is going to change we are under the boot of the Fenian and we are staying there. 

Wait till it starts in the domestic scene for real, and it will now they’ve opened up the flood gates, the opus dei cabal must be sittin in their holes pissin themselves laughing at the division they’ve caused. 

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15 minutes ago, markem said:

I agree mate, I had considered titling it ‘have we learned nothing’

We would've needed high quality, proactive and intelligent leadership during the last ten years just to keep our head above water. 

As it happens we've been lumbered with a succession of moronic, dim witted, wasteful and reactive shysters. 

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Your right that the songs need to be knocked on the head as this has been coming for years.

But questions need to asked as to who FARE are and who governs them.

How do they pick games

How many European games are attended each season 

How long do they have before they have to submit a report 

Do the club get advance notice of their attendance

How are there members screened

Looking on the FARE website the application process seems to very straight forward a few simple questions and a payment of 20 euros to complete the online process.

I would hate to think that anybody could join without some form of vetting process to ensure an impartial view point when attending matches as representative of FARE.


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