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Parking advice for tonight’s match

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Apologies for starting I thread on this subject but need some advice about my travel arrangements for tonight’s match. I have just managed to get a ticket for tonight’s game and was wondering if it’s possible to park your car near ibrox? I have called Rangers and they have told me all the stadium parking is sold out . 

As I am already in Glasgow city centre would I just be better leaving car here and getting a taxi in and out? Can you get taxi ok after the match?

admin please just delete this tread once it’s served it’s purpose.

thanks to @Billy1984 for the ticket 🇬🇧

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Getting a taxi would be brutal as you will just be sitting in traffic with the meter running and the tarrier taxi driver will rip you off. Leave the car parked in town and get the subway over early from St Enoch or Sauchie hall Street.  Get off at cessnock and you can get a pint in a good Rangers pub on prw  before walking the 5 minutes to Ibrox. 

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If you have the car you can either park at the Science Centre and it's a ten to fifteen minute walk to the ground. Possibly easier for getting away after the game would be to park at the Scottish Exhibition Centre and then walk across the bridge at the BBC and then on to the ground. Both work fairly well and there is certainly plenty space on the SECC side.

If you're in town already and parked I would just get the Subway. Easy to get in as you'll basically be getting on an empty train and the queue at final whistle always looks massive but it probably takes something like 15 minutes of a wait. I leave the Govan at final whistle and walk down, queue is usually somewhere near the beginning of the tarmac path up to the stadium and it's always about the same time to get to a train. 

Taxi to the ground would be no problem, but no chance to find one easily after the game. 

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1 hour ago, ben51 said:

Drive over to the Southside and walk it. 

Park down by the Sherbrooke castle. Then just follow the crowds walking to the game. You’re there in 15 minutes. 

P.S Fuck getting taxi’s ££. Plus you won’t get one on the way back. 

That’s what I do every home game. You know yer stuff.

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Are you travelling from far out? Found it easier to leave the car completely and get train to town/ Partick and walk down to the underground and get a drink on the way.

Getting the subway back is brutal though, don’t mind a walk back to the west end if it’s a nice night.

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55 minutes ago, RFC RYAN said:

If you are going back to city centre get a subway to the game and instead of waiting on the queue after it just walk back into town take you about 30 minutes. Traffic round about ibrox is a nightmare after games. 

Walk to Govan, 10 minute walk at most and it’s always empty

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