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*** Group Stages - What a *%$£ing Disaster!!!


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1 minute ago, NavyBear said:

hahaha ok mate, donation inbound, also found another copy of the HMS QE book to replace the one that went missing if your still interested in taking it for the house that missed out?

that was literally going through my mind as you posted!  :lol:

Yes please!


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5 hours ago, govanblue said:

So qualifying for the Group Stages may be great news for you - but it's a total disaster for the RM Erskine Fund. :depressed:

With only 51 members so far who have pledged to support us this season, I shudder to think how we're going to raise enough money to make sure our Erskine and Combat Stress Veterans get to all three Group Home games again this season, as well as keeping up our other commitments - like the £500 cheque we sent to Bravehound this morning, or the Ibrox Stadium Tour and Argyle Restaurant Lunch for the Residents of Erskine Bishopton this coming Tuesday (photos to follow).

It was easy last season, because we had over 100 members donating a tenner or more to support us, so we were able to really look after our Veterans in a manner we could be proud of.

But this season, it looks like we're just not going to cut it. Unless of course, you decide to make a difference.





But if you still need more convincing, here are a few hundred more reasons to support the RM Erskine Fund

and one more...



I thought this had stopped


have you a paypal link 


you need to spoonfeed me as to what the fuck to do

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