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Raging bout a defeat to them...

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The better team won. If we’d went toe to toe with them, our best 11 vs theirs and lost then you’d say fair enough, but to shoot ourselves in  the foot before the stadium was even full was mental. If the fans reacted negatively to it, how did the players react hearing that shambles of a line up? It’s fuck ups like this that leaves a huge question mark over Gerrard, excellent in Europe but domestically we fall short every time we get a chance to make a mark. There’s a long way to go so he’d better get his finger out and learn from his mistakes or we’re watching them walk to 9 in a row. 

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2 hours ago, Drunk and disorderly. said:

I know they won a battle and not a war.

It's a long way until the end of season.

We will fucking see then!


Gerrard shat it. His tactics and team selections are suspect to say the least and it has given them a massive confidence boost . Maybe reality is hitting home and we're not good enough... . .last minute winner v Kilmarnock, took a sending off v hibs 

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