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Rangers 2-0 PAOK Salonika, UEFA Cup - August 1998


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I have acquired this game in its entirety on DVD and have now uploaded it it YouTube. I couldn’t find the full game on YT, only a 9 minute highlight reel.

I remember watching this game and thinking Wee Rod The Prod, as he was later to be known, was a great find and still a heck of a player. Ian Ferguson had a stinker and I wonder if he was more or less finished by this point. Jukebox went off early with an injury and was replaced with Amato.







I. Ferguson

B. Ferguson

Van Bronckhorst




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28 minutes ago, crmpicco said:

Sure was. I also found it interesting to see how many of Smith’s team started the game; Niemi, Moore, Amoruso, Bazza, Ian Ferguson, Jukebox all Watty’s guys.

Exactly. The 2 fergusons in midfield too. No shitebaggery going on there.

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Went to that game, where does the time go - what a team we had in that era. Should have done more in Europe, it will always be baffling to see us go all the way to the UEFA final 10 years after the types of squads that really should have been knocking at the QF/SF door in the UEFA cup.

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