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Rangers 0-0 celtic, SPL - September 1998


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My latest VHS conversion to YouTube is this 0-0 game in the SPL from the 1998/99 treble winning season. I remember being down in Blackpool for a family holiday when this game was on so I didn't see it live. I recall going in to a pub with my Dad to ask someone what the score was/is.

Both teams were guilty of missing excellent chances. Gabriel Amato and one from Rod Wallace stick out from what was a great game and spectacle for the Scottish game considering the score. If it wasn't for Lionel Charbonnier making a helluva save at the death from Tosh McKinlay we'd have lost the first Old Firm game of the season.

The quality isn't fantastic, but it is the full game and is watchable at least.








B Ferguson


Van Bronckhorst






Subs: I Ferguson, Graham, Vidmar, Miller, Brown.


celtic: Gould, Boyd, Mahe, Rieper, Stubbs, Larsson, Burley, O'Donnell, Donnelly, Jackson, Hannah. Subs: Annoni, McKinlay, Kerr, McBride, Burchill.



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21 minutes ago, Billy1984 said:

Winning the first game v them isn’t vital in the grand scheme of things obviously.😊

Winning the first three isn’t important going by that season. 😂. Buzzing for us winning the league at the piggery again.

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