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Fun and games on Edmiston Drive

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Heard the sirens as I crossed Helen Street and as I got over the hill two police vans arrived at the other side of the road, I thought there had maybe been a murder. After asking a couple of the guys who had been before me they said some wanker had thrown a couple of bottles at fans walking along the street.

A few minutes later a third van arrived and by then there must have been a hundred or so fans waiting for the arrest. One of the first coppers there came out before I left to get a riot shield from his van which got a good cheer.     

Hope the prick or pricks get a nice free bed for the weekend. 

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I wondered  what was happening. I walked past there after the game and saw a big crowd on the other side of the road and police vans outside the flats.

Just as we approached i  saw a copper walking into the close with what loooked like a big transparent  shield.

Once i got level to the flat i could see the cooper now inside through the top right window - what a prick.

Traffic was bad today and ambulances etc buzzing around. Did anything else happen?

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