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Trouble in the Feyenoord end

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That will be the FARE observer.

Truly a breed like no other!    

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25 minutes ago, SwallowsHisOwnSpunk said:

To be fair it’s probably not actually a celtic fan I’ve seen a few videos of their fans walking to Ibrox and there were quite a few scum tops and scarves. It will be dickhead Feyenoord fans acting like wankers it would probably have been quite difficult for the scum fans to get tickets for their end. 

Plenty Dutch in town today. A few wearing their own colours. The rest looked like they were up for some trouble. Pity their team were shite 

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10 minutes ago, eejay the dj said:

See tonight . they came and they left ibrox feeling like a shower of jerk offs

That is how it looked at the end

Hold me back crew were all having a wee push and shove at half time . By end the game . They looked like a shower of wee boys. They could not even look at the Rangers fans at the end doing the bouncy . Immense

A guy sitting in a few rows in front of me took his jumper off to reveal an Ajax top and 4 of them burst through a gate giving it the big ‘in and were magically held back by a steward that must have been at least in his 60’s. 

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36 minutes ago, eejay the dj said:

And not one Feyenoord top in sight . Incredible .

I smell a few bheasts were here tonight

3 or 4 with the black hoodies on too, the average Feyenoord fan ain't gonna travel all the way to Ibrox and not show the Feyenoord colours.


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