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Trouble in the Feyenoord end

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That will be the FARE observer.

Truly a breed like no other!    

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7 minutes ago, Laudrup1984 said:


It's that old 'lets show we're trying to get at them but really we're shitting it if we get through' thing.

Make a bit of noise and jump about as if they mean business but back off as soon as any gaps open up.

For all their bravado and strutting they're just wankers. At least Legia made themselves noticed when they came over. This lot did nothing. No singing. No flares. No colours. Nothing 

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14 minutes ago, docspiderman said:

Looks like one of the bheggars who were ejected form SJ Rear before the game at the old firm match .

And he got in again, what they cops daein ? A remember they were filming us in every wee shitey ground in the country for 4 years!

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