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IF We don't win the league this season , do we still back Stevie Gerrard next season to win the league?

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I'll back him as long as we keep improving.  Your statement about backing him no matter how it pans out is ridiculous

If we don't win it this year and sack Gerrard you are as well handing the minks 10 IAR on a silver platter. He's the only man now who can stop it.

I can't think of a better management team out there for our budget 

I think Gerrard, and our team in general, are struggling with what many managers and players have struggled with before. That is the completely different games that are played in Domestic football versus European football. 

I have argued often that Scottish football is a different challenge from English and European football. To the point it’s almost a different sport. It’s generally not quite as good but it’s just as hard to master. 

This difference has always been there but it has become worse over the last two decades or so  

I am now of the view that we almost need a domestic set of players and a European set of players. Players that go out on in the league and battle like fuck and win the war of attrition.  

This is almost completely embodied within Barisic in today’s team but it used to be the same with Hemdani of old. Players who just look different level when playing European style opposition but just look like cloggers when playing the rough and tumble, 100 mile an hour stuff in Scotland. 

Gerrard must find a way to master the domestic competition of he is going to last here because while we all love the Euro adventures the league is mandatory. 

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I don’t think it should be overlooked either that if we were to win it this year it is an incredible achievement. 

I expect to win it and always will. But that expectation is remarkable and it is the fuel that has taken a team that started in the bottom of the league structure to the brink of leading the pack again over 7-8 years.

The sheer logistics of making that happen, I would argue, could not be achieved by any other football club anywhere and it’s primarily because of the fans. 



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13 hours ago, Prso's headband said:

If we win the league cup we’ll win the league. 

That thirst for success won’t leave those players when they lift a major trophy over their heads. 

League cup is pivital for me mate 

I agree

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