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Porto potential stadium closure


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51 minutes ago, Billy1984 said:

Affected us before with inter, be just our luck after Rangers spitting the dummy and refusing tickets for young boys.

I think Rangers were being clever refusing away tickets because apparently it almost certainly stopped a full stadium closure for us (according to Heart & Hand).

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51 minutes ago, Essandoh said:

Seems fucking mental when you consider the number of black players they have and have had down the years. Morons.

You do wonder what the fuck goes on in peoples heads when they do this. I remember something that happened at tannadice years ago. Some of the united fans were giving Mark Walters a hard time with the old monkey chants. They'll deny it now but I was there and have no reason to lie. Anyway, who scored the equaliser for them that day? Raphael meade. Mental. Its wrong in any case but just what meade thought of it you can only guess.

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