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***** The Official Young Boys v Rangers Match Thread *****

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I’d honestly get Ojo off the pitch right now and put Greg Stewart on.  

We should have played it down the corner and settled for the draw.  Fuckin madness mate. 

If we are not going to Switzerland to win then we need to have a word with ourselves.

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Just now, Reformation Bear said:

There can be no excuses.    

But there will be.   Gerrard will excuse it by reminding everyone that this was a side with very recent CL experience that we were playing and that the other teams in the group are rally at CL level.   

Aye right.   That game tonight was there to be won.    Far too many players simply shat it.    And there was no 2nd half improvement so no pass marks in the half time team talk stakes as far at the manager is concerned.    


The truth is that he is right.. we had the chances but they were pretty solid most of the time. 

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1 minute ago, sassaaaa said:

Has a good game against shite and everybody raves about him. The minute he has to move up a few gears hes lost , never going to be a cup winning captain of the club......

He is average at best and I have never seen the big thing. His penalty taking is a joke, he can't cross a ball, and his defending is dire. Out with the occasional free kick which he shouldn't be near I just see him as a weakness.

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Should have won that game comfortably.

Not sure where the shocking performance comments are coming from.

Two costly mistakes from Tav but the centre halves allowed the ball to be played across goal to the back post for the first and McGregor has to have a stronger hand on their second.

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