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14 minutes ago, jintybear said:

Just before Sunday. Don’t know if this is good or bad 

It's strange timing for sure. They must be banking on the players being motivated with him now out the door. 

If we get at them from the first whistle think we'll be able to put a few past them. 

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It had to come really, their results have been shocking for too long . The one thing that is sad about it is that the king of the pricks, aka Michael stewart, will be a happy man tonight. He will do some amount of gloating on the radio tonight. Hopeully now that hes out a job levein will have nothing to lose and put his lights out.

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14 minutes ago, Colin Traive said:

His tramp assistant is taking the team on Sunday so don’t expect them to be radically different.

They would be daft not to go for Jack Ross.


Why? Sacked from Sunderland after he failed to get them promoted when they were outspending the rest of the league by a fair amount. Played turgid, shocking football which pissed off the Sunderland fans. 

They should go after someone who actually wants to play football. 

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