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Think he’s got one league booking this season. The man-management of this player is superb. Well done Gerrard, McAllister............and Defoe

Fuck this shite that he'd suit City or United or.... Who gives a fuck, he's our's  and he's here for 55. Why not just embrace him instead of fantasising about his future?  No Surrender 🔴 ⚪ 🔵

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24 minutes ago, bluenoz said:

Him & Berra went toe to toe with neither complaining. Old fashioned battle with Alfie coming out on top.

Spot on, old fashioned man to man battle on the field as stated, shake hands post match from two combative players and move on, credit to them both...

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Yes, a great improvement from last season and it has made him an even better player. His 2nd goal today was sublime, in one movement with his right foot, he controlled the ball and shot as the ball was coming down. A fantastic goal.

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15 minutes ago, Brubear said:

Don't understand, why is Eduoard not on that list as apparently he is better than Morelos. 

Apparently only old firm goals count for anything according to the beasts in the east. 

Would love if morelos first goals vs those wankers come in the cup final to lift the trophy. 


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