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Morelos is our best striker since...

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Sorry but I’ll have to go back quite a bit to our most talented centre forward (IMO) which was Jim Forrest who got frozen out by the manager Scot Symon as a scapegoat for the Infamous Berwick Rangers defeat.

He scored his first 50 goals in 45 games and finished with stats of 145 goals in only 163 games. Can only imagine how many he would have scored if he’d not been frozen out by the club.

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I used to argue Jelavic was better than him but this season I don't think I feel that way anymore. His form just now is incredible 

I'll use this thread as an excuse to post this pic again just because....  

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46 minutes ago, loyalfollower said:

Jelavic would’ve gotten us 30 goals easy imo. Didn’t he get 18 in the 10-11 season despite missing a good chunk thanks to Ian black?

i think a few goals vs the tims in the next 2 games will boost Morelos up abit in the rankings especially if they’re winning goals mind!!

arveladze looking back was quality- oozed class and the year he teamed up with prso the 2 of them were excellent together.  Watch the 51 and counting dvd and they’re just 2 real class players together.

He needs a brace against them as they’ll be nothing better than him breaking their hearts and giving us the 1st cup then the league. It’s going to happen but hopefully sooner rather than later 

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i think it depends on the type of striker. as players like prso and hately did more than goals. and players like boyd and lesser extent jelavic thrived on goals.

boyd could never score against the filth and walter smith did not trust him but he was the most lethal finisher i have seen. i remember him scoring every type of goal in a dismantling of dundee utd.

big jelavic like novo at times scored goals in the big games. big moments.

all it takes is an old firm goal or two for alfredo to tick all the boxes that you need to tick to become a legend. his goals in europe this year in fantastic.

he is strong , smart on the ball, technically gifted and scores for fun. personally i think hes already the best striker i have seen at Rangers.

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